YEAH BUDDY! DIY Well you're on our website, so we assume you know who we are...If not: A musical herald and network for the D.I.Y music scene. They also promote live shows.
DESCRIPTIVE BIT As of September 2015 Yeah Buddy! are going to attempt to stick to one show a month which will be ran as a variety show based around a specific scene or genre. We will be running some extra special shows too and helping other promoters with some co-pros. We put on a whole range of bands so feel free to get in touch whatever your style. ALLUMNI We've put on tons of bands in the past few years including Allusondrugs, Falls, Doppelganger, Emilio Largo, Secateurs, Glossom, Kusanagi, Pocket Apocalypse, Vodun, Vasa, Shrine (Now Black Peaks), Elevant, (Atlas), The Franceens, Elmo & The Styx, Alright The Captain, Disastronauts, Barlon Rando, Chiyoda Ku, Memory of Elephants, Wax Futures, Cleft, Bearfoot Beware, Trails (R.I.P), Fizzy Blood, Screen Wives, Death & The Penguin, Love Buzzard, Sweet Deals On Surgery, Wicked Snakes etc etc... LINKS Facebook us; Tweet us; @YeahBuddyDIY Or use the ol' fashioned email! BAND REQUIREMENTS Just be cool and be sound with us and the other bands. We love it when we see all the bands supporting each other and networking. That's what D.I.Y gigs should be all about BOOKING TERMS We generally agree specific terms with each band prior to the booking. If you have any specific requirements let us know. We're as D.I.Y as it comes so we don't really have any rigid rules BAND BENEFITS You get to come and be part of the warm and welcoming Yeah Buddy! family. You get to play at the amazing, nationally acclaimed Maguires Pizza Bar. You get a free pizza before the show. We promote each show heavily and make sure that everyone has an excellent time. RECOMMENDATIONS Bands; Doppelganger, Secateurs, Falls, Pocket Apocalypse, Sam Jones and all his awesome projects (Triptych, (Atlas), his solo work), Elevant, Emilio Largo, Kusanagi, The Franceens, Elmo & The Styx, Disastronauts, Vasa, Springbok, Gold Jacks, Sweet Deals on Surgery, Gold Phoenix, Barlon Rando, Armchair Committee, Filter Distortion, Enamel Animal & Saltwater Injection are all brilliant Promoters; Rock Formations, Monster Sound, Taribo West, bUTTONpUSHER DIY, Carefully Planned Festival, Threshold Festival, Christopher Matthew Tyler with his Bam Bam Bam, Broken Bow and other projects, Antipop, Edils Recordings, Liverpool Noise, Mellowtone, Skingasm Records Venues; Maguires Pizza Bar and The Magnet have both served us really well. VENUES AND LOCATION We are mainly based in Liverpool but have ventured into Manchester in the past and are hoping to venture into Chester soon. We promote most of our shows at our favourite haunt Maguires Pizza Bar. We have also promoted in The Magnet, Blade Factory and Kraak Gallery.



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