LISTEN TO WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE 'WISHFUL' + TRASHMOUTH RECORDS EVENT 24/01/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wild Fruit Art Collective stream EXCLUSIVE TRACK ‘Wishful’ ahead of Trashmouth Records Event @ District On Saturday 28th January This coming Saturday, District sees bands from Liverpool and London hit the Baltic Triangle club. The event is the brainchild of local band Wild Art Fruit Collective and London label Trashmouth Records. It looks set to feature plenty of musical styles and entertaining mayhem. ***Add RongoRongo here***please credit Simon Lewis Liverpool band Rongorongo take the stage first. Named after an ancient form of language, the sound they make is more accessible than you might think. Shimmering guitars and 80s-style vocals make their sound brooding and sensuous. Their recent single Faster has a bruised beauty. Wild Fruit Art Collective describe themselves as ‘Noisy, feral and emotionally charged’. Experimental grungy psychedelia, their music takes the listener on a journey to the outer reaches of sound. Wild Fruit Art Collective are premiering their new track ‘Wishful’ on Yeah Buddy! Ahead of their Saturday gig. The band already have a solid following in Liverpool. Take a walk on the post-punk wild side to see why. credit: Following their recent Trashmouth On Tour gig at The Shipping Forecast, Madonnatron return to Liverpool. With single ‘Sang Neuf’ getting a lot of airplay and a live session on BBC Radio 6 with Mark Riley under their belt, Madonnatron continue to push the post-punk boundaries. Melary Melary’s distinctive vocals head up the experimental excellence. Chosen by The Moonlandingz to support them on their recent mini-tour, this gig gives Liverpudlians the chance to see this great London band. Pit Ponies deliver a good slice of down to earth rock to their audiences. Euan Hartley’s vocals and Albert John’s guitars make the most down to earth lyrics special. There is a mix of pathos and swagger to their music. Every anthem is delivered with a mix of emotion and pure adrenalin. Pit Ponies have won fans on both their trips to Liverpool, having played at Sound City and also on the Trashmouth tour at the Shipping Forecast. It is worth the ticket price to experience the song ‘Furies’ alone. A slice of Upminster soul to brighten these dark days. The Baltic Triangle might be a chilly proposition in January but there is enough talent in the line-up to warm any music fan’s heart. Wild Fruit Art Collective are a force to be reckoned with. Rongorongo have a beautiful dream-like sound. Madonnatron are a riot of inventive post-punk and Pit Ponies have tunes that will burrow their way into your brain like the ear-worms they are. All these bands are on the up. Take the chance to see them in an intimate setting while you still can. The event starts at 7.30pm and entry is £4 on the door. There is a concession to musicians who get in for £2. Make the trip, people. --------------------------------------------------------------- ROXY GILLESPIE Roxy Gillespie is a lover of eclectic sounds. She uses her spare time sating her wanderlust as she travels the UK in search of the next live music fix. Currently scraping a living from care work while she decides which city to live in next, she reviews for a number of websites and Louder Than War magazine. She has written short fiction as another person in a different life.



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