VODUN Vodun are not necessarily a band, they are a spiritual movement, they are a powerful entity, they are a burning effigy seering their way through the musical landscape. Their show is something to behold, candles, voodoo garb, flaming cymbals and all. High tempo experimental psych-rock with vocals that will shake your core
GENRE Heavy/Afro/Psych BIO This pretty much says it all- Amidst the rushing screams of Mother Earth; the pounding drums of Ouidah; the markets of Lomé and the open heart of Erzulie, there exists VODUN Born of only 3 comes the embodiment of crushing noise intertwined with enrapturing harmonies... heavy, weird, soulful - yes, we are expectant of the abnormal and so should you be. Come, walk with us… Walk with the VŌDŪN! LINKS Get them liked on Facebook; www.facebook.com/VODUNBAND Follow them on Twitter; @VodunBand Checkout their solid collection of tracks here; vodun.bandcamp.com MERCH You can purchase sweet ass Vodun T-Shirts here; vodun.bandcamp.com/merch BOOKING Contact; Chan - vodunband@gmail.com/ 07957643969 Suitable line-Ups: Vodun would suit bands that are slightly more experimental & riff heavy within the heavy/psych/rock genre, or who put on an exceptional show: Turbowolf, Bone Cult, Limb, Lola Colt, Trojan Horse, Ghold, DFA1969, Chrome Hoof, Jontarr, Bismuth, Yards. Travel Expenses: Vodun are a 3 piece, so very cheap. They ask for the cost of petrol and food for the day to be covered. RECOMMENDATIONS Bands: All the above mentioned Venues & ace promoters: Hope & Ruin in Brighton, Mother's Ruin/Stag Hounds in Bristol - Speak to Paddy, Unicorn/Blackheart in Camden, London - speak to Panjea Lovelace, The Windmill Brixton - Tim Perry, Hope and Anchor Islington, Rainey from Yards. Tramshed Colchester, Chris from Jotnarr. Stuck on a Name Studios Nottingham - Boulty, Kraak Gallery Manchester, Samuel Powell Obviously, and Yeah Buddy! too!! All these places and people have been exceptionally good to us. LOCATION London



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