TIDINGS Heavy post-rock with metal stylings from a rabble of skillful jocks. A sound with elements of the theatrical to it, it wouldn't be out of place in an edgy cult-classic B-movie
GENRE Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Instrumental BIO Tidings are interested in the heavy, the melodic, the passionate, the hypnotic. Their pieces tend to be long narratives of dynamic ebb and flow, threaded through with hooks and riffs, punctuated by brutal drums and crushingly heavy guitars dropping from the ether. Tidings combine elements of the exhilarating and the melancholic, providing the outline for stories, feelings and experiences the content of which is ultimately determined by the listener. TIDINGS 2015 release 'Death leaves a bright trail' was accompanied by a full UK tour along with much critical acclaim and went on to feature in Echoes and Dust's top 20 albums of the year. TIDINGS have shared a stage with, among others: Nordic Giants, Alma, Vasa, Fly on Byrd Fly on, Alpha Male tea Party and Mountains under Oceans to name but a few. For fans of: Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Russian Circles LINKS Be virtual friends; www.facebook.com/TIDINGSband/ MERCH tidings.bandcamp.com/ BOOKING tidingsband@gmail.com or via their facebook page. RECOMMENDATIONS Promoters: Taribo West (Glasgow), Bad Owl (Leeds), Goodsoul Promotions (London) Bands: Vasa, Mountains under Oceans, Fly on Byrd Fly on, Alma, Our Smallest Adventures, ENVOYS LOCATION Edinburgh



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