THOSE AMONGST US ARE WOLVES Music from a barren, apocalyptic wasteland, where the Black Emperor is a mighty decibel fuelled overlord. T.A.U.A.W will tell you stories without words, making their guitars squeal, drums bellow and their keys shriek. Armageddon never sounded so good.
GENRE Post/prog/instrumental rock BIO We are a three piece rock outfit, described as creating ‘experimental pysch infused soundscape wonderment’. We’ll take that! Formed in 2011, touring out of Coventry, we have released two excellently received recordings, and have gigged our way across the UK with class acts such as UpCDownC, Lost in The Riots, Degree of Arc, Industroika, and loads more. LINKS Feast your ears on the awesome tunes on Bandcamp; Visit the official site; MERCH Copies of the awesome E.P's and badge packs are there for the taking at this link; BOOKING To book the band contact; Fees: To be negotiated. RECOMMENDATIONS Promoters: TAUAW LOVE Goodsoul Promotions, and Buttonpusher. Bands TAUAW dig: Arbor Lights, Degree of Arc, The Lucid Experiment, Her Name Is Calla, Deerhoof – not an endless list of course. LOCATION Coventry



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