THINGS WE FOUND OUT IN A MONTH OF LIVERPOOL MUSIC 11/22/2016 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always, Yeah Buddy! have been sticking our beak into everybody’s musical business, going to gigs aplenty, gegging in on peoples plans and making plans of our own. It’s been a damn busy time, just how we like it. We got stuck in at Liverpool Music Week, attended our first Howl At The Moon show, hosted one of our best DLBD shows yet, had our first Dumbulls experience, started our own radio show and even got stuck into the band side of things with Salt the Snail playing a huge show with Fucked Up. In the past month we have learnt a lot and it is all worth getting excited about. Here’s a few of our more exciting discoveries. 1. Liverpools Music Scene is in rude health It’s been coming for quite a while this, with the city constantly and consistently spawning great bands for the past few years with a good number of them finding success. All We Are, Natalie McCool, Hooton Tennis Club, The Vryll Society, Lapsley, She Drew the Gun, The Sundowners, Stealing Sheep, Circa Waves and Tea Street Band have all found national scale success in recent years. Liverpool Music Week further highlighted the cities mighty talent with Clean Cut Kid and Louis Berry both playing sold out shows, shows that were so sold out that certain media outlets press passes were blocked. Natalie McCool With the likes of SPQR, Elevant, Indigo Moon, Queen Zee and the Sasstones, Ohmns, Strange Collective, Veyu, Pink Kink, Glossom, Sheer Attack and many more all looking to join the scouse elite, the Merseyside music scene is only looking to become more packed. Glossom Liverpool music life is like living in a constant festival with several great shows on every night, it’s pretty amazing really. Liverpool's music scene has become its own eco-system with bands, promoters and venues all working in unison, outlets like Get Into This, Bido Lito! and Liverpool Noise promote the cities arts & culture, companies like One Fell Swoop and Wall of Sound PR help make it a business and the cities many gig goers are the fuel that powers the whole scene. A lot of people are now able to make a decent living from Liverpool's music scene and that is a pretty damn exciting prospect. Checkout Liverpool Noises new look site that highlights all of the cities best bits
2. Liverpools promoters and venues are now finding the pulling power to bring mega acts to the city. With the Echo Arena came a lot of big shows, not just musical either, the likes of WWE, Disney on Ice and big comedy tours have now put the city on the map for events, and the likes of Blink 182, Courteeners and Richard Ashcroft are all set up for the coming months. Echo Arena Upcoming Events There has often been an issue with everything in between a few hundred capacity and the Echo Arena massive 11,000 capacity though and with the loss of the Kazimier late last year, it seemed like would always struggle to find a proper foothold in this area. As it always does though, Liverpool has kicked back with the opening on The Invisible Wind Factory, a 1200 capacity venue, add to this the Philharmonic and Olympia seemingly putting on a wider variety of shows now and you can guarantee that Liverpool is a destination firmly in the mind of the major booking agents. Invisible Wind Factory Take John Carpenter and Peaches’ shows in the past month, landmark events on the musical calendar, both landing in the heart of Liverpool and how the city let those acts know that they’d made the right choice to come here. Fucked Up recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album ‘Hidden World’ with only 4 dates across the UK and damn right Liverpool was one of them. Dinosaur Jr also played a rare Liverpool show at Liverpool Music Week proving that the city has become a destination for touring bands of all sizes. Kudos to the likes of Evol, Harvest Sun and Bam Bam Bam for helping make this happen.
 WRONG Festival 3. Liverpool has an obsession with festivals and they’re damn good at them Remember when I said Liverpool was like living in a constant festival. Well at times it’s like living in a festival of festivals. So many times this year I have not been able to go to a Liverpool Festival because there is another Liverpool Festival on, the clashing of Smithdown Road Festival and Festevol being the most frustrating example of this. It’s not all music either, Liverpool has food & drink festivals, beer festivals, and Gin festivals too. Recently, for a 2nd year running Liverpool absolutely dominated at the UK Festival Awards. Last year Soundcity, LIMF and Creamfields all took awards, this year Liverpool dominates the shortlist again. Sound City, Liverpool Music Week, Threshold, LIMF, Positive Vibrations and Creamfields are all nominated for awards at this years event. UK Festival Awards Add the likes of Liverpool Calling, Smithdown Road Festival, Africa Oye, Festevol and Pzyk Fest to the equation and you’ve got yourself a pretty chocker schedule. Next year will also see the arrival of WRONG Festival, put together by Loner Noise head honcho Michael Edward, it will celebrate the ‘Freakscene’, the alternative and is looking pretty likeable already with The Wytches, Heck and Part Chimp already announced.
4. The Docklands are quickly developing into the new place to be Recently Yeah Buddy! had their first Dumbulls experience when we brought Under and Kurokuma to Liverpool, supported by Leavers and Springbok. It was quite the ear punisher. The venue though, wow. It is the friendliest, weirdest and most mind-bending place you can realistically imagine. Retro video games project onto the wall, bizarre projections are the back-drop of the stage, bands and artists come from upstairs and downstairs taking time away from their respective projects to survey the happenings and the whole time the sound as fuck owners mill about and talk to everybody as if they don’t own the place, it’s amazing. Drop the Dumbulls Gallery Sound City has brought the area to light in the past couple of years and Vulcan Studios has been a welcoming hub for bands for time. LMW’s closing party took place at The Invisible Wind Factory and the North Shore Troubador. With Liverpool City Council announcing plans to build a new ‘Creativity Zone’ in the docklands, the area looks set to boom in the coming years in a similar to what has happened with The Baltic Triangle. Docklands ‘Creativity Zone’ Plans Liverpool will now have 3 main areas for arts and culture to thrive. There are not many cities that can boast such a trait. The city centre has the likes of the glorious new underground venue E.B.G.B’s along with Maguires, The Magnet, The Jacaranda and Arts Club. The Baltic Triangle has Unit 51, Camp and Furnace, Constellations, 24 Kitchen Street, Blade Factory and District. The docklands area already boasting 3 venues of varying size will now look to build on this. Exciting times
5. Liverpool musical future is damn exciting It’s not just the festivals, the creative hubs, the ambitious promoters and the eager fans that is making the future shine for Liverpools arts and culture, the bands that are coming through are making me hype, so hype in fact that I’ve written a separate article about it. Liverpool Bands Showcase Themselves at LMW In the past month we've seen a showcase of Liverpool talents at Arts Club for LMW, we put on one of our best DLBD shows at The Magnet and attended our first Howl at the Moon shows. At Arts Club, Queen Zee and the Sasstones, Indigo Moon and Elevant all planted their flags for emerging Liverpool talent. At The Magnet we saw Flightworks and Lunchlady make their gigging debuts, Dangerously Canadian and NESH announced themselves in style and Disastronauts stole the show with a performance that drew credit from practically everyone in attendance. At our first Howl at the Moon show we discovered another 2 new Liverpool bands in the debuting Hart Foundation ’97 and the slick unit of Uncle Jane, this was a showcase of another excellent Liverpool promoter able to identify top local talent and mesh them with touring bands, learning how good of a music scene Liverpool has. Disastronauts- ‘I’m Not Stupid’ trailer Liverpool almost has a tiered system of established bands, up and coming bands and brand new talent. Each tier is burgeoning and swelling as time passes. Basically what I’m saying is: Liverpool is the shit. --------------------------------------------------------------- KRYSTIAN HUDSON Krystian Hudson is one half of YB!HQ. He is co- founder of Yeah Buddy! and the proud owner of a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine that (potentially) cost over £50. Front man Salt the Snail. Krystian writes from time to time but spends most of his time helping to make Yeah Buddy! awesome. He is a support worker by trade but moonlights in promoting unsigned bands via Yeah Buddy! online, live and co-promoting Liverpool Calling festival.



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