LOCATION 66 Oldham Street M4 1LE Manchester UK DESCRIPTIVE BIT The Thirsty Scholar is Manchester's best free live music venue! You will find the best up and coming acoustic artists, bands and DJ's. The live music runs from Monday to Thursday while the weekends are more DJ orientated. This is one of Manchester most friendly and popular joints. Situated right next to Oxford Road train station it gets awfully crowded and can be a great place to catch music thirsty folk heading home from shows around the rest of the city, stopping by whilst waiting for their next train home. ALLUMNI Tons of unsigned bands have plied their trade in this very venue and it is very open to exhibiting the best up and coming talent from far and wide. LINKS FB page; CONTACT Telephone; 0161 236 6071 Fax; (who faxes?) 0161 236 9045 Email; BOOKING INFO In our own experience, this venue is very welcoming to bands and customers, (apart from the time when we got kicked out for eating and shaking cereal on the premises, but that is another story for another time). Be good at music, be professional, put on a show that makes the punters happy and you will be welcomed again and again and it is always worth it. It is all pretty laid back and easy. As long as you have a desire to play original music live then the likes of Tuesday Tony and co who promote will have a desire to give you the stage. See ‘Tuesday Tony’ in the Promoter Profiles for more on this. Benefits: The chance to play in front of an eager and warm crowd, sometimes a pretty sizeable one at that. Also they have some cracking beers on tap. Make sure you get there between 5 and 7 for happy hour. Dayang!



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