THE ORIELLES SIGN TO HEAVENLY RECORDINGS AND CODA AGENCY: THE INTERVIEW 08/12/2016 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Orielles have recently taken 2 massive steps toward the becoming a big time band when they signed to Heavenly Recordings as well as being taken on by CODA Agency for live bookings. We caught up with the band to see what the news means for them. You guys have recently signed to not only Heavenly Recordings but also to Coda Agency for live bookings. That is massive news for a band who are so young (as a band and as people). With things ascending at such a rate, how are you guys taking it all in? Well it’s still quite surreal at the moment given that Heavenly put out a lot of the best music in the UK, it’s hard to comprehend ourselves to be in the same bracket as some great musicians. We recently took up breathing exercises to cope with the hysterical thought of sharing a label with the likes of Hooton Tennis Club and King Gizz. Overall though we are very excited to be working alongside Heavenly and Coda and hope we can make something real magical together. Coda Agency have such a deep and diverse roster of bands. Show offers are going to start flooding in for you guys. Have you had to clear your calendar to prepare for your impeding ‘in demand’ status. Yeah a little bit haha! We're all still currently studying at uni/ college so we have to figure out how to make both things work, but we do hope the shows flood in, I think we could unanimously say that playing live is our favourite aspect of being in the band. Clearly The Orielles has taken off in unfaltering fashion. A show of faith from Heavenly and Coda amongst others is a huge deal. How high is the ceiling you see for yourselves and what is your ultimate goal? I don't think we really look to the distant future too much, nor do we have a specific end goal. There are certain things that we'd hope to do as a band such as tour around America, record with some of our favourite producers etc and there's also quite a few things that we've already ticked off the list, everything from playing our first overseas show to playing with some of our favourite bands! Signing a record deal is a massive achievement for any band, let’s pretend that it’s an award and you are doing your acceptance speech. Who do you thank and why? We'd of course thank all of our family and close friends, for putting up with our persistence and supporting us from the start. A huge thank you would also go to our manager, Damian who has seen a potential in us from the very beginning and has worked his ass off from day one! We'll be forever grateful of the work he's put into helping us do what we love. Finally, we'd thank everyone that has ever seen us play, bought some merch, let us stay at their house, put us on at their venue or played one of our songs to a friend. Without all of these people, we'd be nowhere. What advice would you give to other fledging bands about how to break those glass ceilings live and on record? Persistence is key with any band, if you dig what you do, then keep doing it! Don't be afraid to experiment with different sounds in the studio, people like different. In terms of live, we'd say that the best way to break onto the more 'professional' circuit of venues and shows is to make sure that you interact with as many people as possible, this may be anyone from the soundguy to a member of the audience, as this will really help build your reputation and fan-base. Talking to people also means that you can gain some great advice and more importantly, contacts. Finally, always play as though there are 100 people in the room even if there is just 1, you never know who that one person could be. How did the band celebrate when you signed with Heavenly and Coda? Initially, we went for a few G&T's when the exciting news was still under wraps, however when we told our friends we celebrated at Sid's apartment in Liverpool, we'd already planned a Halloween party there but thought we'd treat it as a bit of a celebration too! With these deals the band have reached the level of ‘professional’. Is music your primary career now? We've always considered the band a serious career path, but signing to Heavenly & Coda has been the validation that we needed to really take that step forward. For the moment, we are all still students but hope to be full time band babes soon! --------------------------------------------------------------- KRYSTIAN HUDSON Krystian Hudson is one half of YB!HQ. He is co- founder of Yeah Buddy! and the proud owner of a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine that (potentially) cost over £50. Front man Salt the Snail. Krystian writes from time to time but spends most of his time helping to make Yeah Buddy! awesome. He is a support worker by trade but moonlights in promoting unsigned bands via Yeah Buddy! online, live and co-promoting Liverpool Calling festival.



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