TAWS Taws are brilliant. Their debut 'Mama Doesn't Own You' could literally fit anywhere, I can imagine catching it on Radio 1 as much as I could live at ArcTanGent. This is a band that have definite crossover potential with intricate rhythms and riffs combined with vocals that the most money grabbing, unscrupulous of music moguls would swoon over.
GENRE Progressive-Rock, Math-Rock BIO Taws are a prog/math/experimental-rock 4-piece based in Liverpool. They came together with a love of experimenting with music. Taws have members from the U.K, Norway and U.S.A. Taws combine intricate riffs, heavy grooves and soulful vocals to make up a unique and innovative sound. Taws offer challenging rhythms and an impressive live-show. They've also been hailed by all of Liverpool's peak press. LINKS Give em a like; www.facebook.com/wearetaws Grab a free download of their awesome debut track here; taws.bandcamp.com/releases Follow em; @WeAreTaws MERCH No merch or physicals as of yet BOOKING Contact Leela Dawson wearetaws@yahoo.com. No guarantee required/expected but contributions to travel costs are welcome. Mostly looking for gigs up north but still open to travel further within the UK. RECOMMENDATIONS Bands - Singapore Strategy (Liverpool post-rock), Del Florida (Liverpool math pop), Tall Talker (Leeds post/math rock), Asterisks (Liverpool grunge) Promoters- for both I guess: Monster Sound Collective, Rock Formations (Liverpool), Yellerbelly (Lincoln), Buttonpusher DIY (Nottingham), Robot Needs Home Collective (Leicester) LOCATION Liverpool



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