DESCRIPTIVE BIT TariboWest started out as monthly night in Bar Bloc which sought to bring the foremost post/math bands to Glasgow. They also tend to stray out of my main remit and put on the occasional tech-metal night as well. Since starting it has grown TariboWest into a tour booking service as well as a small management company to work with bands who they love. Since last month (Feb 15) they have also taken up residence in Broadcast in Glasgow, booking gigs alongside Black Sheep, a mysterious entity who they will not discuss to maintain that sweet secrecy. ALLUMNI So far TW has put on, in monthly order (deep breath) - Press to Meco (twice), Black Peaks, Sectioned, Mountains Under Oceans, The Colour Line, Liberatae Mae, Wojtek, Albert Shakespeare, F.O.E.S, 100 Onces, Shambles in a Husk, Inuit, Pocket Apocalypse, Bellow Below, Young Philadelphia, Alpha Male Tea Party, Cleft, We Came From Wolves, A Sudden Burst of Colour, Rumour Cubes and Phases. In terms of management alumni, they work closely with Bellow Below and Wojtek. LINKS Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TariboWestBooksBands CONTACT Get hold of John taribowestbooksbands@gmail.com BAND REQUIREMENTS Dinnae be shite. I kid. I mainly book post-rock/metal, math-rock but I also dabble in the metals. The tech metals. BOOKING TERMS You will get £100 for playing, fed and watered. Also, TWI will probably make you eat a deep fried pizza. BAND BENEFITS You get to go to Glasgow and see all the knife crime. That's a benefit, right? RECOMMENDATIONS In terms of Glasgow, Harris Douglas @ HD Music, Gerry Blythe @ Broadcast / New Life, Kyle Chesney @ Cut Loose, Kenny Bates @ Good Grief, Chris Cusack @ Bloc, Steven Hill @ Struggletown Records VENUES AND LOCATION Bar Bloc (Glasgow), Broadcast (Glasgow), occasionally on the road with other bands, your bedroom while you sleep. Watching. Waiting.



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