SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY Who knew chaos could be so fun and so moreish, very much like crack, Sweet Deals on Surgery are what crack would be if it was a band.
GENRE Noisepopthunderpunk BIO Hailing from the North of England. Manchester via Preston to be more precise, Sweet Deals on Surgery are one of the finest new underground bands in the UK at the moment. Splicing noise pop with punk rock, heavy melodies and a twinge of math, they generate this hugely likeable sound that is captured succinctly on the debut album, ‘The Snake and the Snoozer’. The 10 songs are short, snappy, stupidly titled insights into Jeremy Kyle Britain, social decline, alcohol, drug abuse, sour family histories, serial killers and an ungrounded dislike for Elvis Costello. (Taken from www.antipop.co.uk) LINKS Sounds https://sweetdealsonsurgery.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/sweet-deals-on-surgery Social http://antipoprecords.co.uk/sweet-deals-on-surgery/ https://sweetdealsonsurgery.com https://facebook.com/sweetdealsonsurgery MERCH CD's and T Shirts can be purchased at the following link: https://sweetdealsonsurgery.bandcamp.com/merch BOOKING Fee £100+ Will travel anywhere forever. Any gig that is suitable! NO pay to play. No selling tickets. No getting however many people through the door for however much. Piss off! RECOMMENDATIONS Obvs Krystian and the Yeah Buddy! lot. Liverpool Dan Gott/Behind The White Door. York Russ Giles/Turn It Out . Manchester Suzanne Wise/Motherboy. Medway/Kent Will/Im not from London. Notts The ferret. Preston Bands - Screen Wives, Frau Pouch, Punching Swans, Pet Crow, Liines, Salt The Snail, The Empty Page, Yr Poetry, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, Gug, argh christ theres too many! LOCATION Manchester/Preston



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