SLEEP KIT Do you like to meet your angst and anxieties with upbeat, forcefully energetic resistance? Well listen to Sleep Kit, their harmonious, high tempo alt-rock simply makes you feel damn good. GENRE Mess Rock
BIO Sleep Kit is a three piece band from Maastricht (NL) and Cologne (GER) that formed in 2012 directly after all three members moved up to roughly the same area. They started rehearsing in a squatted war bunker that serves as a social centre. Shortly after that they recorded their first self- titled EP which was mixed by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden studio in San Fransisco. The songs on their debut-EP are fuzzy, loud, melodic, and captured a raw teen angst. It was self- released on cassette at first and pressed on black and coloured 12” vinyl a few months later by Big Scary Monsters. The followup to their EP, a brand new full length record entitled ‘II’ was written over the course of six months in 2014 and 2015. The album is warm, melancholic, instinctively written, energetic, heavy, and full of surprises. Their influences range from noise rock icons Sonic Youth to heavy, slow paced sludge. From gruffy punk like Jawbreaker to weird indie rock like early Modest Mouse or even the midwestern sad songs of Songs: Ohia … but honestly, Sleep Kit doesn't sound anything like the bands mentioned above. Their songwriting approach is hardly conceptual: it’s purely organic, defined by different personalities and tastes. „II“ is due out on October 23rd, 2015 via Big Scary Monsters. LINKS MERCH BOOKING We made a big loss on our UK tour this time around so next time we'd be looking at getting out expenses covered for sure. We'd need about 100 pounds usually for a show in the UK. All bill welcome! RECOMMENDATIONS Go record with Lewis Glass at Glassworks Studio Recording in Glasgow, Scotland if you're touring up there LOCATION Maastricht (NL), Aachen (GER) an Cologne (GER)



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