SCARAMANGA SIX A rock juggernaut who have been around for over 20 years. They never fail to amaze with their stirring, theatrical alt-rock and their frenetic and distinctive live set. The biggest band that we have ever introduce to this humble website. HONOURED
GENRE Eclectic loud rock  BIO A self-proclaimed ‘loud rock’ band that have over twenty years of history behind them. Scaramanga Six have toured to places as far out as Japan, Scandinavia, and even Germany, along with having 8 (almost 9) albums in the bag. As frontman Paul characteristically states; ‘We’re here to rock and have fun…and scare the shit out of audiences whenever and wherever we can.’ LINKS Sights Sounds Bandcamp- Social Twitter- @ScaramangaSix Facebook- /thescaramangasix MERCH Visit the Store on BOOKING Contact RECOMMENDATIONS LOCATION West Yorkshire



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