ROCK FORMATIONS Excellent chaps who always put on excellent shows. A big part of the scene as they are also members of the quite brilliant Kusanagi. In essence, they're a very good group to get to know.
DESCRIPTIVE BIT Rock Formations is made up of band members from Kusanagi and Muto Leo, and they are based in Liverpool. They decided to put on gigs aimed at Instrumental/Math/Alternative/Post-Rock bands, as they are big fans of the genre and want to give these bands the best coverage they can to fellow fans. ALLUMNI Artist that Rock Formations have worked with include; 100 Onces (USA), Alright the Captain, Alpha Male Tea Party, Aeroplane Flies High Cleft, Constant Waves, Envoys ,Halflings Leaf, Kusanagi, Muto Leo, Pocket Apocalypse, Singapore Strategy, Vasquez, Wired to Follow, Glossom, Dystopian Future Movies, Triptych. LINKS Facebook page CONTACT If you fit their requirements and their keen eye hasn’t found you yet, then contact them at their Facebook page BAND REQUIREMENTS Rock Formations normally just expect the bands to turn up on time, bring equipment that is need and be cool, they have had a good working relationship with the bands that they have already worked with and are looking forward to working with a verity of different bands that from across that UK and abroad that they really like. BOOKING TERMS The way RF go about booking bands can be different from gig to gig, the first show was just a gig that they put on because they wanted to start showcasing local bands that were a part of the scene then Kusanagi and Muto Leo as bands were involved with and it just went on from there. RF either now book bands for particular shows that they have in mind that would musically work together or if a band is on tour and RF are available to put on a gig around the same time as there tour, then they will try our best to organise it. BAND BENEFITS Rock Formations have booked bands from all over the UK and one even from America so they are always looking for really cool bands and artist to work with where ever they are based. RF normally share the door money that they take on the night between all of the bands so at least their expenses are covered and occasionally provide beers and Snacks as well depending on the Venue and Budget. RECOMMENDATIONS Promoters; Marty Toner - Buttonpusher, Stewart Ramsay - Bad Owl, Krystian Hudson - Yeah Buddy!, Arian Malekpor- Made Festival, John Niblock- Taribo West, Patrick Daley- Stag and Hounds, Bristol, Dan Read- The Compass/Core/Live Rooms, Chester, Asher Kenton, Chris and Mike Dench- Goodsoul Promotions, Phil- Edils Bands; Alright The Captain, Vasa, Pocket Apocalypse, Waking Aida, Bear Makes, Ninja, Chiyoda Ku, Fly On Byrd Fly On, Firesuite, Envoys, Glossom, Polymath, Cleft, Alpha Male Tea Party, Mothers, Go Around Captain, Lost In The Riots, Quadrilles, Orchards & Samoans to name a few. Venues; Maguires VENUES AND LOCATION Rock Formations use a variety of different Venues around Liverpool which include The Caledonia & Maguires Pizza. They are also looking to showcase their gigs at the other venues in the city.



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