THE YEAH BUDDY REVIEW TEAM Yeah Buddy! is constantly looking for more writers to add to our team. If you think what it takes to handle the best in unsigned talent then get in touch! Otherwise, meet the reviewers that regularly make Yeah Buddy the great site that it is!
Liam ‘Branston' Blackburn Audio/tech savant at HMV, Riffs and naysaying in turbo doom duo SPRINGBOK and fond of the rusty soldering iron, building custom built pedals and bastardising existing circuits.
CONNOR MAY Connor May is a pig farming enthusiast and Seth Rogen impersonator. In his spare time he likes to eat cold chinese food and cry.
KRYSTIAN HUDSON Krystian Hudson is one half of YB!HQ. He is co-founder of Yeah Buddy! and the proud owner of a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine that (potentially) cost over £50. Front man Salt the Snail. Krystian writes from time to time but spends most of his time helping to make Yeah Buddy! awesome. He is a support worker by trade but moonlights in promoting unsigned bands via Yeah Buddy! online, live and co-promoting Liverpool Calling festival.
KENN RUSHWORTH Kenn Rushworth is the drummer and shouty backing vocal guy in so-called Chemical Rock outfit Forever In Debt. Evidence of his existence comes in the form of a poem collection called ‘One Fine Day Before the Apocalypse’ and recent non-crime related BBC appearances blah blah blah something political. Other than that he’s looking for his keys. TWITTER: @12Autumns
CRAIG TWIGG Craig Twigg, still the front man of incoming Chemic/Grunge/Fuzz/Alt Rock trio ‘Forever In Debt’, still a ginger in denial who still occasionally (albeit slightly less often) wrestles dudes in spandex. Still a full time miserable twat.
MAX BAKER Catch Max Baker in the street and he will not shut up about his band, Barlon Rando, Parrot Punk revivalists, for whom he cannot in any way slap the bass.
MICHAEL EDWARD Plays in Elevant and Galactic Funk Militia, runs the record label Loner Noise, sometimes writes things about music. Has nothing else to talk about except the futility of life and the slow decay of the universe. Likes dogs. Does not own a dog.
CARLA PEARCE Yeah Buddy!'s newest contributor, Carla, is known amongst friends for her affection for music, her affinity for travel and a persistent delusion that she can drink anyone she knows under the table, which has resulted in some cracking shame hangovers. Carla doesn’t tend to be in one place for too long but is currently residing in the lovely city of Manchester where the locals take great pleasure in imitating her scouse accent.
ROXY GILLESPIE Roxy Gillespie is a lover of eclectic sounds. She uses her spare time sating her wanderlust as she travels the UK in search of the next live music fix. Currently scraping a living from care work while she decides which city to live in next, she reviews for a number of websites and Louder Than War magazine. She has written short fiction as another person in a different life.



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