REDWOOD Delicate and textured can quickly become frivolous and tempered with Redwood such is their excellent dynamic work. They are a fledgling outfit but have big success in their cross-hairs. Get involved with them they are lovely guys GENRE Alternative rock with post/math-rock influences
BIO Redwood are a dynamic 5-piece from Hertfordshire, UK - who blend elements of post-rock, math-rock, emo and punk into their songs. With an E.P and an L.P under their belt, Redwood are turning their focus on touring and perfecting their live sound, ultimately getting people on their side as they progress from town to town LINKS Be friends; Follow; @redwooooood Pictures; Tunes; More Tunes; MERCH BOOKING General fees to cover petrol, maybe food and accommodation depending on the situation. Anywhere betweem £30 to £60. Happy to play with any Post/ Math-Rock bands. Preferably the mathier side as their music is high energy. They also love playing with emo bands as they have a lot of that style in their music. Contact; RECOMMENDATIONS Redwood say their local scene is in a coma on life support. They highly recommend the following bands; Don't Worry - Also checkout; Muskets, Water Canvas, Broadbay and Middle Distance Promoters; 'Above the Waves' in Southampton who Redwood credit for 'one of their best shows in 2015'. They said that they host a massive number of bands and they care greatly for their scene. LOCATION Hertfordshire



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