PORTALS One of Liverpools finest promoters, Asher Kenton, a man who most on the post/math/prog/exp rock scene know very well left Liverpool and moved to the big smoke. Since then he has found a new tag partner and started making big waves
DESCRIPTIVE BIT Tri-yearly mini-festivals in London focusing on the weird and confusing world of experimental, math and post-rock. ALLUMNI Waking Aida, Dialects, College, (Atlas), He Was Eaten By Owls, You Break You Buy, Demcats LINKS www.facebook.com/portalslondon CONTACT Asher or Alex on: portalsrock@gmail.com BAND REQUIREMENTS Portals ask that bands work hard to help them promote the shows and spread the word. Otherwise just be nice and do your thing. BOOKING TERMS Negotiated on a case by case basis, Portals do their best to give bands as much as they can. BAND BENEFITS A hard-working, passionate team of experimental music lovers who will push the show as much as possible. And beer. They will give you beer. RECOMMENDATIONS Asher recommends- Firstly, of course ArcTanGent, which is the holy Mecca of experimental rock. Also, I always recommend Yeah Buddy! and Rock Formations in Liverpool, Patrick Daly puts on great shows in Bristol and Kunal Singh does amazing things with his FACEMELTERS in London. Oh and Taribo West/Bar Blog in Glasgow and probably a whole load more awesome people who make the math/post-rock scene tick in all crevices of the country. VENUES AND LOCATION LONDON



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