PASSION PUSHER The epitome of slacker music. Whether it's pop or rock is secondary all we know is this is the art of sounding great without it seeming like you've tried. Passion Pusher can be strangely evocative if you are of the inclination to chill your way through life in a warped haze
GENRE Wuss-Rock, Slop-pop, Dingus Rock BIO Passion Pusher is the solo project of James Gage, started in 2013 after a particularly weird acid trip. Creating all of his own brand of lo-fi slop pop in his cramped room he's released 2 tapes on Electropapknit and Song, By Toad and has a selection of 3 E.Ps and the debut album is set to be released through 2015. LINKS Facebook page; Grab the E.P's off Bandcamp MERCH Passion Pusher has a run of shirts only available at shows and the last EP on cassette here; BOOKING Email; based in Glasgow/Edinburgh but willing to play anywhere. As for money simply enough cash to cover the travel to and from the gig. Generally just looking for weird and out there gigs with good cool people and bands. RECOMMENDATIONS Number 4 Door Records (record label/promoter) The Flying Duck (venue) Youngstrr Joey (band) 13th Note (venue) Glasgow Art School (venue) Spinning Coin (band) Froth (band) Breakfast Muff (band) LOCATION Glasgow



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