OUT BLINKER So...okay...what...err...yeah...this is fucking good...no idea how to explain it like, but 'fucking good' is a start at least. Deep, gritty and intense, Out Blinker will make you thinker harder than most, at points you may want to turn on Cartoon Network and remember the good times when everything was simple and easy to understand, but stick with it mate, they're not doing this to hurt you, they're doing this to make you feel good, just sit back, enjoy and you'll love it.
GENRE Cinematic, 'Krauty' electro-power-manipulation BIO Electronic music doesn't have to be cynical, corporate, sync-obsessed junk-food and post-rock doesn't have to be meandering, delay-ridden, formulaic box-ticking. Outblinker is a band not a brand. Something had to be done about the waves of soulless, corporate electro-shit masquerading as art, clogging up our creative veins. They will not be appearing in-store at Topshop or on Hollyoaks in the near future. They have no plans to release their own perfume. They do not endorse Red Bull. They would, however, like the opportunity to blow your face off with huge, cinematic driving krautrock: abrasive electro music with a throbbing punk-rock heart. LINKS Main link; http://www.abadgeoffriendship.com/artists/outblinker Twitter; @outblinker FB; www.facebook.com/outblinker MERCH For merch it's currently via; outblinker.bandcamp.com BOOKING Bookings via this email address, DIY innit; outblinker@gmail.com RECOMMENDATIONS Cosmic Dead, Blanck Mass, Vasa, Dead Rider, Marvin, Electric Electric, Papier Tigre..... Promoters, Punk Rock Rammy, Struggletown, Nice N Sleazy, Stereo Cafe Bar (Glasgow), Laika Come Home (Aberdeen), The Rusty Hip (Dundee), Claire @ The Raft (Edinburgh) LOCATION Glasgow



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