MOTHERBOY You know some of Yeah Buddy!'s favorite bands, Punching Swans, Bear Vs Manero, Frau Pouch et al... well Motherboy is one takes them live. They are a D.I.Y collective focusing on punk, math and post-rock based in Medway which seems like an unlikely hub for such creative spirit. A new pin for your tour map for sure.
DESCRIPTIVE BIT MotherboyNoise is a not-for-profit DIY music collective based in Medway, Kent. They seek to promote math rock, experimental noise and post punk in the area. ALLUMNI That Fucking Tank, USA Nails, Super Luxury, Theo, Shitwife, Delta Sleep, Fish Tank, Alpha Male Tea Party, Mayors of Miyazaki, Punching Swans, Bear Vs Manero, Silent Front, Sweet Deals on Surgery, Honey Ride Me a Goat, Ice Sea Dead People, One Man Team Dance, Death Pedals, Houdini, Exoskeletons, Vodun, Kill RPNZL, Black Light Brigade, Screen Wives, Heck Tate, Leylines, Whitedevilwhitedevil, Wiremother, Mothers/Aeroplane Flies High, Upcdownc, Hired Muscle, Sky:Lark!, Wedding, Kind Eyes, Mass Lines, Great Ancestors, Conquistadors/Mount Fuji and more. LINKS and CONTACT Email or message them on facebook BAND REQUIREMENTS Be decent, support the other bands, don't hide backstage with your entourage, and respect the venues and staff. BOOKING TERMS Motherboy aim to pay enough for petrol at the very least and split the money between bands, with touring bands and those bringing most equipment getting a higher share of the pay. The venues don't allow the supply of a rider or food, unfortunately, and unless Motherboy are using a venue that has charged us hire, they don't charge door entry and they rely on bar takings to pay bands. BAND BENEFITS Friendly crowds, decent bills, paid gig. Motherboy are happy to man a merch table for you. Merch tends to sell quite well here. We can often find a place to put up touring bands and Motherboy make a big effort to promote the gigs locally. RECOMMENDATIONS Motherboy recommend; 'Nearly all the bands who've played for us have been amazing and lovely people. In the interests of self promotion, we will highly recommend Punching Swans as our sound man Greg is their vocalist/guitarist and Joe is their bass player! Bear Vs Manero and Kill RPNZL are their labelmates on the ever awesome Skingasm Records, whom we highly recommend too. Promoters we love include Rip This Joint, Yeah Buddy!, Step Sideways, This is not Revolution Rock, Chris Thomas at the Lady Luck in Canterbury and Elron Presents.' VENUES AND LOCATION Medway area, Kent - venues include Poco Loco, Billabong, Sun Pier House.



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