MEMORY OF ELEPHANTS A colossal mountain of noise played with hawk-eye precision. You can call it a wall of sound, if it is a wall then it is papered and decorated beautifully.
GENRE Mathy, Noisy, Instrumental Rock BIO Blessed with just the right balance of testosterone fueled love of loudness and restrained, intelligent melodic sensibility. For the full effect of their wall-of-sound exhilaration this is a band that must be heard in their natural setting, live on stage. "If you're a great calligrapher, writing in the conventional sense would only serve to bore you. Memory of Elephants are so proficient that they seem intent on ripping up the notepad and constructing origami with the debris. May they continue to gravitate towards arrangements that embrace such natural grace" -Bleeder Magazine LINKS To tunes; Facebook; Twitter; @MoE_Band Instagram; moe_band MERCH Downloads can be purchased here; BOOKING To book Memory of Elephants email; RECOMMENDATIONS Bands - Chiyoda Ku, Lambhorn, LEG, Anta, Alright the Captain, DOWNARD, Lionel Richie. Promoters - Buttonpusher, Yeller Belly, MADE, Yeah Buddy!, Probo Titans, Patrick Daly (Stag & Hounds, Mothers Ruin Bristol), Chaos Theory. Venues - The Stag & Hounds (Bristol), JT Soar (Nottingham), The Audacious Art Experiment (Sheffield). LOCATION Bristol



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