MASK OF BEES My first experience of Mask of Bees was live at The Ferret in Preston. I’d been told how good they were but didn’t expect how epic their performance was going to be. There is so much happening all at once, it’s hard to catch a breath. They are such a force that I can still remember it vividly. If alternative music is your thing, check em out. If sheer skill is your thing, check em out. If an assault on at least 3 of your senses is your thing, check em out. Just check em out.
GENRE Jazzy Alt Metal / Experimental Heavy Rock. BIO Mask of Bees play vocal and sax led experimental heavy rock blending intensity, groove and dark atmospherics. It's like a saxophone drowning in a sea of wild riffs and viking war-cries. The drummer just ate the last lifejacket. "Purveyors of the weird, of the sordid and clusterfucked abnormality, Manchester’s Mask of Bees are a wonderful concoction of off-the-wall jazz antics, teeth-bared rock grooves and mind-bending forward thinking. Across this, their stellar debut full length, Beta, they manage to sound like both a party and an apocalypse." Manchester Rocks "Except, that is, for being one of the most innovative, well crafted and downright catchy albums I’ve had the privilege of wrapping my ears round this year. It turns out that I’m a big fan of drowning saxophones, seas of wild riffs and viking war-cries. I’ll even bring the drummer another lifejacket." Echoes and Dust BOOKING Contact: Give MoB a mail and can talk turkey. Marcus of Mask of Bees says: ‘We love to play and will go anywhere. We tend to play high energy gigs and fit well with weirder metal gigs, odder heavy rock gigs and some of the more intense math-rock gigs. But we play any gig as long as the vibe is right’ LOCATION Manchester



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