Marsicans release delightful new single/video ‘Friends’ 21/03/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our favourite indie-rocking Yorkshiremen Marsicans have released a new single/video via LAB Records and it is like a buzz-saw chasing you around a theme park. So fun, yet it’s lyrics cut deep. Photo Credit: Portia Hunt The subject matter, based around how your relationships with you pals becomes more strained the older you get is something that nobody can hide from. Marsicans address the issue in such a joyful manner that it makes you hopeful that you will keep those relationships no matter how old you get or how complicated things are. Wondrous stuff You can listen to the track on Soundcloud below: The track has been received with motherly warmth with national airplay and inclusion on Indie hotlists on Spotify here, in Europe and Japan. Well done lads, well done.



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