MAGUIRE'S PIZZA BAR What's better than pizza and punk shows?! LOCATION 77 Renshaw Street L1 2SJ Liverpool
DESCRIPTIVE BIT Liverpool's coolest new establishment, now in it's 4th year and already a heavy hitter in the Liverpool scene. A D.I.Y gig space which gives you a sense of exclusivity that you are part of something very special. ALLUMNI Cleft, Disastronauts, The Hunx, Elevant, SPQR, AllUsOnDrugs, Yeah Buddy!, Rival Bones, Peaness, The Brawlers, Allusondrugs, Alpha Male Tea Party. LINKS CONTACT Call on; 07535 090 636 Or Email; BOOKING INFO £10 to hire our P.A. or bring your own. £40 deposit. 2 free pizzas for the bands/promoters! Benefits include: Free pizza... Is that not good enough?! TECH SPECS Small stage with drum riser. Basic lighting, PA. It's a punk venue... CAPACITY 90



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