MADE If you look through the rest of our profiles you are likely to see the name MADE mentioned a lot amongst other bands and promoters recommendations, that speaks for itself. If you're a post/math/prog/exp/alt/noisy rock band looking for a show in Sheffield then this should be a pretty good place to start.
DESCRIPTIVE BIT MADE is a Sheffield-based quarterly micro-festival. We celebrated our second birthday back in September. Events are held over half a day, and bands play to projections. MADE deals with art-rock and post-whatever music, ranging from pure ethereal post rock and jangly math-rock, to brutal noise-punk and grim sludge. ALLUMNI 16 Hooves, Ahrkh & Khom, ALMA, Alright the Captain, Amorous Dialogues, Archelon, Art of Burning Water, Awooga, Band of Hope Union, Bear Makes Ninja, Body Hound, Bruxelles Party, Campfires, Che Ga Zebra, Cheap Jazz, Cheel Ghar, Civil Protection, Clearer the Sky, Colours to Shame, Dead Badgers, Dead Sea Apes, Drought on Titan, Envoys, Everyone an Army, Firesuite, Fly on Byrd fly on, Froth, Gilmore Trail, Hey Colossus, Hiram, Irk, Kurokuma, Kusanagi, Little Mono, Lost in the Riots, Mangabros, Mender, Mountains Unders Oceans, Pedro Don Key, Pjaro, Pocket Apocalypse, Polymath, Selectric, Skyligers, Sleepers, Sly & the Family Drone, Steve and the Sea, Squalords, TCH, Temple Steps, The Rubber Sound Experiment, The Slow Blade, Tiger Warsaw, Tom and the Empty Orchestra, Trudger, Unicorn Hunters, Upcdownc, Vasa, Waking Aida. Workin’ Man Noise Unit LINKS Fool’s Book: Twitter: @MADEeventssheff CONTACT BAND REQUIREMENTS Don’t be a dickhead. BOOKING TERMS As long as a band can fit within MADE’s philosophy, we’re really not that fussed - MADE is organised anarchy. The only rule is ‘don’t be a dickhead’. MADE remains focused on being as helpful as we can on the lead up to our gigs and also on the night. All backline, and drum shells are provided ourselves. We try to be as communicative as we can throughout the whole process. We always have places for bands to stay, with beds. That’s right! Real beds – well, technically bed and sofa bed, and a few blow-up double mattresses, but who’s pulling teeth? Line-ups are kept strictly secret until we announce them. BAND BENEFITS MADE prides itself on being a meeting place for the like-minded. It’s a place for musicians to gather and appreciate other musicians. We’ve really built ourselves a community in Sheffield, which continues to grow the more-and-more we put shows on. As MADE is held only every quarter, the vibe isn’t diluted, it’s an event people look forward to and put aside in their diaries. RECOMMENDATIONS Mat Hume (Sheffield), Dave and South Sea (Sheffield), John N*block (Glasgow), Stewart Ramsay (Leeds), Party Marty (Nottingham). VENUES AND LOCATION MADE has a symbiotic relationship with The Audacious Art Experiment. A venue just off of Bramhall Lane, we’re extremely proud to be a part of their collective. All of our shows are held there.



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