LEAF PROMOTIONS "There's a very good reason that Leaf promotions is able to work with the best unsigned artists around. John cares. The artists can book a show with John and they know; They wont be conned or out of pocket, they will play for a full, attentive house, they will be treated with respect and they will feel like part of the Leaf family." Robbie Cavanagh (This Devastated Fan/Robbie Cavanagh & band/lead singer/guitarist)
DESCRIPTIVE BIT Since LEAF PROMOTIONS' first ever event on December 1st 2005, they have developed a reputation for fusing together the finest ORIGINAL musical talent from across all genres to create truly memorable gigs. LEAF continues to strive to provide a platform for new bands and artists to get the attention they deserve, with a policy of giving opportunities to bands and artists based on pure ability- not just how many people they can drag to a gig. So what are you waiting for? Check out their gig listings and get yourself down for a night of LIVE and LOUD music to remember! We now have slightly more genre-specific nights (apart from the showcases and festivals which are still a real mix of styles). For instance, our "SAP TAP" event is an all-acoustic showcase, featuring many acts with label interest and currently on tour support. We also have "VEINS" (all heavy rock/metal) and "BRANCHES" (all indie and acoustic acts). ALLUMNI So far TW has put on, in monthly order (deep breath) - Press to Meco (twice), Black Peaks, Sectioned, Mountains Under Oceans, The Colour Line, Liberatae Mae, Wojtek, Albert Shakespeare, F.O.E.S, 100 Onces, Shambles in a Husk, Inuit, Pocket Apocalypse, Bellow Below, Young Philadelphia, Alpha Male Tea Party, Cleft, We Came From Wolves, A Sudden Burst of Colour, Rumour Cubes and Phases. In terms of management alumni, they work closely with Bellow Below and Wojtek. LINKS Facebook; facebook.com/leafpromotions Twitter; twitter.com/leafpromotions CONTACT John Scanlan - leafpromotions@hotmail.co.uk BAND REQUIREMENTS Must be 18+. Must be able to provide all own amps and drum breakables INCLUDING STANDS (we provide P.A., sound engineer and drum kit) Must be able to play at least 30 minutes of original material BOOKING TERMS Must be Northwest-based (occasional exceptions made). Must actively promote the event- (facebook, mailing list, twitter, text...etc) BAND BENEFITS Not being ripped off! No ticket sales - all free entry gigs and band will be paid! Playing to an appreciative audience and therefore a great chance to increase fan base. RECOMMENDATIONS VENUES AND LOCATION The Blossoms and The Spinning Top, both in Stockport. Plus we also book the bands for several regular music and beer festivals around the area, throughout the year.



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