KUSANAGI Like the music provided for an early 90’s Sega game in which a sword-wielding robot learns karate, then tackles the elements in order to rescue a cyborg princess, who was kidnapped by a samurai buffalo. The game was never made but praise the lord the soundtrack was. GENRE Instrumental
BIO Kusanagi are an instrumental rock band based in Liverpool, UK. Combining the atmosphere and emotion of post-rock with the energy of math-rock their sound encompasses a wide range of styles and influences. They have released two EPs to much critical and public acclaim and are set to release their first full length album on 26th October 2015. Kusanagi have shared the stage with a number of high profile bands including And So I Watch You From Afar, Maybeshewill, Tera Melos, Gallops, Her Name Is Calla, Errors and Cleft LINKS Find em on Facebook; www.facebook.com/KusanagiMusic They're always top for a #FF on Twitter; @Kusanagi32 Listen to them on Bandcamp; kusanagi.bandcamp.com MERCH Physical copies of Kusanagi releases can be found at; kusanagi.bandcamp.com BOOKING You can book Kusanagi by either messaging their band page/Muscian page Kusanagi or email them on kusanagi1@hotmail.co.uk you can also message Dan Hunt. Kusanagi fit on Math/Post Rock/Electronic/Alt Rock/Metal nights RECOMMENDATIONS Kusanagi say- We would highly recommend the following promoters to contact for similar types of gigs; Marty Toner - Buttonpusher, Stewart Ramsay - Bad Owl, Krystian Hudson - Yeah Buddy!, Arian Malekpor- Made Festival, John Niblock- Taribo West, Patrick Daley- Stag and Hounds, Bristol, Dan Read- The Compass/Core/Live Rooms, Chester, Asher Kenton, Chris and Mike Dench- Goodsoul Promotions, Phil- Edils Bands to recommend; Alright The Captain, Vasa, Pocket Apocalypse, Waking Aida, Bear Makes, Ninja, Chiyoda Ku, Fly On Byrd Fly On, Firesuite, Envoys, Glossom, Polymath, Cleft, Alpha Male Tea Party, Mothers, Go Around Captain, Lost In The Riots, Quadrilles, Orchards & Samoans to name a few. Venues; Maguires LOCATION Liverpool



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