JELLYSKIN DISCUSS THEIR NEW SINGLE AND DOING BAND STUFF RIGHT: INTERVIEW 10/02/17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leeds based Jellyskin recently released their 3rd single ‘Milk of Magnesia’. We discussed the project and the new track with them over a delicious bowl of apple crumble and custard. Checkout ‘Milk of Magnesia’ here: Q. Jellyskin has been a really well planned project so far with the band ensuring that they were fully equipped with songs and top quality recordings before your big unveiling. How important is it to you that you 'market' and 'present' yourselves so professionally? A. Sometimes it doesn't feel well-planned (laughs heartily). We don’t take ourselves too seriously, like there’s not a plan as to ‘marketing’ ourselves, but we said from the start that we were deadly serious about the music we were making and so in turn we wanted to, when we announced the band, go straight into releasing music and gigging – so we avoided doing what some bands do and make a big thing about announcing their new band and then fart around doing nothing for 5 months. We wanted to have some reviews lined up for our first song before we even released it, so that when we did, we already had a bigger audience listening to it. Q. What advice would you give to other new musical start-ups looking to hit the ground running? A. Try and get a good bunch of songs together before you announce the band (it’s not as if you’ll have thousands of people waiting for your music, but it just looks good if people can see your band online and listen to your music straight away). Write as much as you can. The best advice would probably be to contact as many people as you can, we’ve always had a kind of semi-tyrannous guerrilla-style promotional approach. Contact blogs about covering your stuff. Maintain a constant online presence to remind people you still exist. Pester people about doing gigs once you’re ready – promoters are always looking for support bands, and take on as many gigs as you can – you never know who will be in the audience! Q. What's your highest intentions for this project since you have already released a tape via Blak Hand Records and have supported some fairly heady live acts? A. Aside from world dom. I suppose it’s just to keep the pressure on and keep writing stuff and releasing it at a steady pace. We want to play outside Leeds, and support even bigger bands (although we do have some exciting news regarding this coming very soon…!). We’d love to do a tour of some description, and playing festivals would be a dream. Q. Which do you think is more beneficial to a band right now, getting themselves noticed online or out and about on the live circuit? A. They are both mutually beneficial to each other, online stuff has got us loads of shows, but bands have to play live, and playing live also gets more people listening to your stuff. It’s also the biggest buzz when people come up to us after a gig and tell us how much they enjoyed it – which we think is somewhat more satisfying than ghost people listening online. If we had to pick one though, unfortunately it would be getting noticed online, just because you can reach anyone anywhere, but you can’t always do that with a gig. In the past, gigs were the only way and it meant more people got out and about. The internet is a blessing and a curse, really. Q. What recommendations of promoters, bands and venues you have worked with so far would you give to our readers? A. We’re doing a show on the 21st of February at the Lending Rooms, with a promoter called 360 club who have been fantastic and responsive, and actually done some promoting which is more than can be said for a lot of people we’ve ‘worked with’. There’s a gig we’re doing with Cosmonauts on the 1st March, also at the Lending Rooms. We love a Leeds artist called Girl Sweat who has a phenomenal live show, and as ever, our Manchester friends Sealand are brilliant. Wharf Chambers is a great independent venue, as is the ever-brilliant Brudenell.



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