IDLE FRETS RELEASE NEW SINGLE 'GLOW': THE INTERVIEW 15/01/17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idle Frets have just released their new single ‘Glow’, available on any streaming service worth its salt. We caught up with the gang to talk about all things band. You guys have got a long list of achievements under your belt including supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen and Blossoms as well as massive shows at LIMF and Chester Rocks. With the release of 'Glow', what achievements are you hoping the single can bring you? Luke: We just want play gigs whenever possible, we've got a lot planned for 2017 but we all absolutely buzz off festivals so we'd love to play as many festivals as possible really. The single seems to focus on troubled youthful relationships. Lyrically and from a subject matter point of view, how do you go about writing your songs? Ben: To be honest I don't usually have a method to writing as such. For example, Glow came from a subject that was bugging me at the time and felt that strongly towards it that I wrote a song. I'm not the best at talking to people about what’s going on in my head, mainly because most of the time it’s trivial, and because I like to deal with it myself. Writing a song for what’s going on is the ultimate therapy. Sometimes me or Dave have a nice riff or chords that I then have to consciously think of a subject for so we have a song! But there is no set way, it can happen anytime too, I'm forever having voice memo notes in my phone of songs that didn't make the cut. With there being tons of streaming services, social media platforms and many other ways of getting your name out there, how do you go about promoting your new releases? What are the most effective methods you have found? Ben: You know what, there’s so many methods to promoting our stuff that it’s hard to say. Interaction is the biggest thing for us, we want everyone to feel like their part of the Idle Frets family, actually talking to fans is so important man. What's next for the band after the singles release. Do you have any more releases/gigs planned? Luke: Yeah man! We’ve got so much planned for 2017, it’s a big year for us and we’re so excited. We can’t really say what that is yet but expect a lot of new music. We’ve got loads of shows planned as well, we may even get in touch with our cultural side and get out of the UK. Who knows? You guys have been around for time and must know the scenes in Chester and Liverpool (at least) inside out. Are there any other bands, promoters or venues on the independent/DIY music scene that you would recommend our readers to work with? Luke: We've played a few shows with Marsicans. Absolutely top lads, bangers in abundance. We worked with Juicebox (St Albans) and CloseUp Promotions (London/Brighton) on our dates in October. They're both doing great work with booking some fantastic upcoming bands, they’re so important to the scene. One of the best venues we've played is Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool. It's not often we get to play in a tropical green house!



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