I.THIS.YES. Monstrous mounds of wonderous sounds. Forged from two of the brightest and most burgeoning music scenes on the planet, I.THIS.YES are equipped with all the tools unframe the glass ceiling and smash it to smithereens GENRE Instrumental Rock
BIO I.THIS.YES are a half London half Brighton breed of post rock band, playing sweet, sonorous melodies coupled with a strong desire to bring the walls down... and maybe just a sprinkling of math for extra flavour. WE.ARE Josh - Axe Right Sam - Axe Left Ben - WarHarp Chris - Blaps Having recently released their 2nd EP, Can't Climb Clouds, I.T.Y are now looking forward to another year of sharing stages in this burgeoning instrumental music scene. LINKS Website; www.ithisyes.co.uk Soundcloud; soundcloud.com/ithisyes Facebook; www.facebook.com/ithisyes Twitter; @ithisyes MERCH ithisyes.bandcamp.com BOOKING Reassuringly inexpensive - looking to play! Please contact -- ithisyes@gmail.com RECOMMENDATIONS We'd like to thank Step Sideways, Jebs Presents and ThisIsNotRevolutionRock as three promoters doing it right and have shown us endless support. BANDZ; Quadrilles, Vasa, Obe, Hewaseatenbyowls, Waking Aida, Luo, Patchwork Natives - all absolute heroes x Old Blue Last had always been a great Sunday night gig, and has made for many a bleary Monday. LOCATION London/Brighton



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