Hidden Charms – Night & Day Cafe Manchester – 11.02.17 16/02/17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The place is rammed. I mean really rammed. I’ve not seen it this busy for an out of town band since Prince played the Academy*. 
 It’s a cold Saturday night in Manchester but that’s not stopped 300 odd people turning out for one of Britain’s best garage-rock bands around right now. For those who aren’t aware of Hidden Charms (London), they’ve been causing a ruckus in small indie-rock venues since 2014, with notoriously energetic live shows. Tonight is no exception. Swaggering on to stage, Vincent (Singer/Guitarist/Bassist) is instantly captivating. Their set is a well-oiled machine, seeing them seamlessly move through some of their earlier releases (‘Dreaming of Another Girl’, ‘Long Way Down’) into tracks from their new EP, ‘Harder from Here’. New track ‘Left Hand Man’ is an instant crowd pleaser with it’s catchy riff and hooky chorus, while ‘I Don’t Mind’ sees them channelling the White Stripes, dropping the pace right down but loading up the attitude with dirty-fuzz bass and Meg White style drumming. They even had the audacity to throw in a cover of 50 Cent’s ‘If I Can’t’ and absolutely nailed it. The show ends with the first track of their new EP ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ which sees the eager crowd ambush the stage for the final chorus for an acappella style fade out. Bigger headline slots at bigger venues await these guys, so it was a great chance to catch them in Manchester’s legendary Night & Day. * I stand by that comment. --------------------------------------------------------------- Words by: Liam Dunning



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