GRAVVES Preview TRACKS FROM UPCOMING EP 'RATTLES' 10/01/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you heard about about Gravves then!? They’re bloody loud aren’t they! Catchy too. Well, all those who loved the mega-hypo audio/visual assault that was their debut video single ‘Tribes’ are in for an even bigger treat with the imminent arrival of their debut EP ‘Rattle’. Checkout their video for ‘Tribes’ here; Gravves’ debut EP ‘Rattle’ will be released via the harbingers of the finest DIY loudness around, Loner Noise Records on February 10th. We got a little preview of the 4-track feast which includes the excellent ‘Tribes’ and trust us, it is something to get excited for. Keep some space available on your hard drives because 2017 looks to be bringing a hell of a lot of great music already.



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