REVIEW: FOREVER IN DEBT'S DEBUT E.P. 22/01/17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are we talking about? Forever in Debt’s debut, self-titled EP. They very convincingly portray an image of furious, disparate youths with the riotous musicianship and moody image of their debut EP but on first listen, it’s clear to see that there’s more to Forever in Debt than just adolescent anger and unpaid bills. Summary The Widnes trio are affectionately, self-confessed outcasts and seem to be influenced by some of the biggest contenders in Loser Rock. It’s in ‘Chewing Bees’ where there are glimpses of the lead singer’s visceral roar proving reminiscent of Paul Westerberg’s equally gravely tones. The song’s title perfectly encapsulates that screwed up, painful expression the song’s subject would pull hearing the main vocal proclaim she “wishes she was somebody else”. It’s raw and emotional and cleverly manages to present a feeling of chaos among controlled wails and crescendo-ing riffs. After the tumultuous second track, ‘Chewing Bees’, comes third track, ‘Billy’ and if the drums hadn’t already impressed by now, in Billy, they will most certainly knock your head off. A calming guitar intro very closely followed by rapid drum beats helps build the song well, creating a bit of a journey and performing as a tribute to the strength in musicianship within the band. Having had this on repeat for the last two hours, it may seem that the three piece, born from The Society of Losers record label, harbour a distinctly defeatist attitude but in my eyes this EP is nothing short of a triumph. What hooked me? Wildly distorted guitars, a running theme throughout the EP, most noticeable in ‘Go Home’ and combined with a persistent, grungey bass lines. There’s a welcome nostalgia of Nirvana’s ‘In Bloom’ but with a distinctly tougher vibe. Backing vocals go against the grain and really stand out during the choruses, serving complimentary to the lead singer’s rambunctious hollers. Key Track It’s in first track, ‘Boyfriend’, where the vocals really impress, and it is the stand out track of the EP. A track that gets better with every replay must be even more of a treat live with it’s solitary bass intro and irresistible finger clicks. The fast paced drum riffs have their time to shine too and the way the band play around with the pace of the song throughout the track will surely attract the movers and shakers. Feedback I’m a sucker for a strong lyric and although there are sparks of accomplished penmanship in this EP, it would be great to hear more from the guys by way of lyricism. Artwork They may act like they don’t give a damn but they still went to the effort of wearing a tie and wrapping their flat caps in tin foil for some inexplicable reason. Line From The Band We formed the band early 2016 with the goal being to write and perform fuzzy, noisey and melodic music that we could express ourselves through with as much conviction as possible. 

Immediately we dove deep down the rabbit hole of jamming and writing songs - in August we picked 4 of songs we felt best represented us as a creative force and passed them back up to the surface in the form of this EP.

We're still burrowing further down the rabbit hole constantly so expect some form of new release later in the year as well as a new song or 2 whenever you see our live show. Vital Info You can stream and download our EP for free / donation via our Bandcamp ( - there's a cassette version of the EP available there too, with a handful of demo tracks on the B Side as well via Society Of Losers Records (

Upcoming Shows:
February 4th at Maguires Pizza Bar for the Bisch Nadar launch

April 8th at The Jolly Brewer in Lincoln along with fellow noise makers Civilised Worm

(There's a few more in the pipeline, so pay attention, losers.) --------------------------------------------------------------- Reviewer Profile Yeah Buddy!'s newest contributor, Carla, is known amongst friends for her affection for music, her affinity for travel and a persistent delusion that she can drink anyone she knows under the table, which has resulted in some cracking shame hangovers. Carla doesn’t tend to be in one place for too long but is currently residing in the lovely city of Manchester where the locals take great pleasure in imitating her scouse accent.



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