FIRESUITE You know there seems to be this new culinary trend were people take sweet and savoury items that don't normally match, mix them together and they are delightful!? Firesuite are the musical equivalent of a Hot Cross Bun with tasty Bacon on it. They are an inventive mix of a bunch of genres and they pull it all off with scientific precision. A band worth listening to at least twice a day for the rest of your life.
GENRE Alternative, post-rock, math, shoegaze, noise pop BIO FIRESUITE have existed in some form for a number of years. They released their acclaimed debut LP “You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother” in 2011, their last release was the “Red World” EP in 2012. They have played with TTNG, And So I Watch You From Afar, Rolo Tomassi amongst many others and played across the country. Firesuite’s sound is a combination of shoegaze, math, prog, post-rock and noise-pop. They are currently preparing “Outlive Your Body”, their new album. LINKS Sounds Tweet em @firesuiteband Face MERCH Bandcamp - BOOKING RECOMMENDATIONS Notable mentions - Andy Smith//Various Sheffield venues, Stewart Ramsay//Bad Owl, Arian Malekpour//MADE, John Niblock//Taribo West, Chris and Mike//Goodsoul Bands - Alright The Captain, Dystopian Future Movies, Vasa, Waking Aida, Bear Makes Ninja, Chiyoda Ku, Fly On Byrd Fly On, Envoys, Polymath, Cleft, Alpha Male Tea Party, Mothers, Lost In The Riots…loads and loads more LOCATION Sheffield



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