FIGHTING An exercise in making music with little to no rules, regulations or boundaries. Straight up, no nonsense post-punk action from one of the countries more underrated musical hubs, Preston. You will like this if you like your music straightforward, upbeat and filled with hooks, and I should imagine that is what most people want in their music. GENRE Post Punk
BIO They're Fighting. There's 4 of them. They're basically a bunch of dead good mates who write fast, catchy post-punk about girls and anti-depressants. And they're good at it. Damn good. You know that bit in High Fidelity when Jack Black is playing the skate kids record, and he's shaking his head going “It's really fucking good”? Imagine that, but they don't skateboard. And they sound nothing like that. And they don't shoplift. ALRIGHT IT'S NOTHING LIKE THAT. Ok, I've got it. Imagine 4 Slugs, in human clothes, playing instruments remarkably well considering they are giant Molluscs. That's Fighting. For fans of Gang of Four, Mclusky, Roxy Music, Death From Above 1979 and The Rakes. And who doesn't like them?!?! LINKS Bandcamp; (All their stuff is free to download. You can't pay for it, even if you want to. And it will stay that way) Facebook; MERCH None as of yet BOOKING Fighting love playing all sorts. They don't mind travelling out of town, but obviously the further afield the more it has to be worth it. And they're not talking about money. Money is gross. They'd much rather play a great show with good bands for a few beers and a tenner's petrol money than play any gig where there's some kind of fee going on. RECOMMENDATIONS Hello Bamboo (Great band, you need to book them as soon as humanly possible) Total Victory (Our friends in Wigan, who are absolutely sensational) The Ferret (Preston's best venue, really great place and a pleasure to work with) LOCATION Preston



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