EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Enamel Animal gear up to release ‘Damocles/Reviler’, the double A side single via Holier Than Thou Records. 14/07/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the best alt-metal bands coming out of Liverpool right now caused a real stir with their debut album ‘Unfaith’ which led them to be picked up by Holier Than Thou Records. Not ones to dally, the lads set about recorded and now releasing 2 more singles, both of which hit like a powerbomb. ‘Reviler’ is a gritty, grinding attack on the current World order we are suffering. It is a welcome exploration of the limit of Phil Colliers vocal chords. They are ripped and wrenched throughout this song, underlining the anger and passion behind his vicious lyrics. Musically it is relentless, never taking a second to falter or relax, it acts like a change upon the lofty walls of Earths crooked elite. You can listen to it before anyone else right here: ‘Damocles’ is yet another rallying call to everyone frustrated with the unsteady, uneven and unfair distribution of power and wealth in the world right now. The sword of Damocles, the ever present threat faced by our evil overlords, the idea that we are that threat and we only need to wake up to realise our own true power. ‘Damocles’ is thought provoking and a testament to the fact that not all protest songs need to be quite so literal. You can watch the excellent video here: Enamel Animal will be celebrating this release this Saturday at 81 Renshaw, Liverpool with Dead Houses and Only The Righteous in tow.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dEE1-Ls844 https://soundcloud.com/enamelanimal/reviler/s-P3oNS



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