enamel animal – 'unfaith' REVIEW 29/06/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are we talking about? Scouse psych-grunge-rockers, Enamel Animals’ new album, ‘Unfaith’. Summary ‘Unfaith’ is a three-year project, which has culminated in a nostalgic album evocative of some of the best possible mentors of the genre; there’s an At The Drive In-esque turbulence, a Rage Against the Machine style fury and, dare I say it, a Foo Fighters style ability to weld hooks and harmonies together like no other. What hooked me? Quite simply, the first track on the album, ‘Surrender Reverence’. It starts with a tense, solitary riff for a suspenseful length of time. In creeps the high top for added anticipation. Next we hear a gnarling guitar swipe, building to a choir of controlled male harmonies. It’s almost angelic until we hit the chorus and the gravely tones of the lead vocalist are unleashed, whose sound is reminiscent of that Dave Grohl growl. It’s six minutes of fluctuating tempo and accomplished melodies that couldn’t be a better introduction to this seemingly angered foursome. I could go on and on about track one alone but this album is a generous 11 track affair and there are certainly no one-hit wonders present. This is a band that pairs solid musicianship with genuinely melodic, tuneful vocals (most impressive in third track Horrified) and the sound they have produced is incredibly convincing. The diversity in their musicianship can be seen at half way point, in ‘Greetings Earthlings’, where the band demonstrate a distinct de-acceleration in tempo whilst maintaining the same level of attitude than we’ve come to expect. The album is otherwise powered by a racy tempo and at times embellished with innovative electro-sounds, as per 5th track, ‘Death to the Destroyer’. I’ll leave something to be desired for anyone yet to hear this initial offering. What I will say is that this is clearly a well-thought out, mature body of work. The vocals are powerful, the musicianship is, across the board, expertly executed in every single track and the songs are a modern deliverance of nostalgic, grunge/rock tunes. Feedback The only feedback I could offer would be to continue to push the diverse range of songs within this band. As much as I love track one, I didn’t want to hear 10 other versions of it and I’m thankful that Enamel Animals didn’t either. Artwork The artwork appears to depict a view of a planet (maybe Earth, Mars or somewhere completely undiscovered?), which to me is the perfect representation of the stratospheric potential that this band have. Failing that, it looks a bit like a sample of that really itchy, felt material you used to get on a Stagecoach Bus way back. Either way, this band are going places. Line From The Band Phil, frontman says: “We're made up to finally get the album out there after 3 years of recording. Dealing with Delki leaving the band was tough so things didn't always go to plan but Jon at Crosstown was great and we did a good job to finish it off. Now it's out we can't wait to move on to the second one! The tone of Unfaith is lyrically quite dark and is generally a critique of humanity from an outsiders perspective, we really hope this transmits to the audience. The songs may all be very different from each other but the thematic approach connects them all so it should be a fun listen despite the lyrics being all about how shite we as human beings are!” Vital Info Enamel Animal are recording a single very soon, followed by an EP followed by a 2nd album, very exciting Enamel Animal are set to play the following shows: Maguires, Liverpool, April 12th Retro Bar, Manchester, April 13th, Liverpool Tattoo Convention, Liverpool, May 7th --------------------------------------------------------------- REVIEWER PROFILE ﷯﷯



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