ELEVANT With members from other projects including Absolute Captain, Indigo Moon and Hyper Magic Mountain, Elevant are somewhat of an independent super-group and that is the kinda this that Yeah Buddy! loves. Yeah Buddy! also loves balls out, sweat enticing rock n' roll that wouldn't know shame if it was headbanging in the front row. Elevant's live show and in particular frontman Michael's showmanship deserves to be seen.
GENRE They say fuck genres. If you're trying your best to pigeonhole though, file under ROCK BIO Elevant formed last January (2014), initially as a recording project to get the material that singer Michael Edward had no avenue to release out, with Tom Shand (drums) and Joe Hutchinson (bass) of Hyper Magic Mountain. After the first album was recorded, Joe unfortunately had to move back home. Around that time, Michael formed his record label and decided to take this show on the road, recruiting Hannah Lodge from psych band Indigo Moon to replace Joe. Elevant toured and released their first record that flew under the radar but received critical acclaim from those who caught it. These experiences cemented Elevant as a fully functional band, no longer just a recording project. Elevant wrote and recorded 'Dreamface' in the early winter of 2015, and have managed to drum up much more hype this time round. More tours, more writing, the cycle continues and long may it. LINKS Links galore here, FB first; www.facebook.com/ElevantMusik Follow em; www.twitter.com/ElevantBand Checkout some lovely images of them; www.instagram.com/elevantmusik/ Official site; www.elevantband.com/ Catch some tunes; elevant.bandcamp.com And on another format; www.soundcloud.com/elevantmusik Watch the videos; www.youtube.com/user/shedlad93 MERCH Elevant have shirts and CD's and they're looking to sort vinyl in the not too distant future https://elevant.bandcamp.com/merch BOOKING Generally some money for food and transport is good. If it's our show, something representative of how many people we brought through the door We're pretty easy to fit on bills, given that we share influence with loads of other bands that are about. I could see us fitting well on psych, punk, indie, hard rock, or even more experimental bills RECOMMENDATIONS POCKET FUCKING APOCALYPSE (Pocket Apocalypse), also, Super Luxury, Mothers, Falls, Crybabycry & Alright The Captain LOCATION Liverpool



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