EDITYOURHOMETOWN A beautiful Frankenstein of a band, mashing together countless influences and styles to form a ‘swerve-a-minute’ headfucker of a band. The special thing about this is that each specific style and influence is displayed masterfully with Edityourhometown’s distinctive brand of execution. GENRE Progressive and everything around that
BIO Edityourhometown are a 4-piece progressive math-rock band from the sunny south of England (Brighton) formed in early 2013. With the aim of melding genres together songs are inspired by acts like Fall of Troy, Tubelord, and Listener, with added Jazz/Latin vibes. The line-up consists of; Connor Stanford (Vocals/Drums) Ian Coulson (Vocals) Daniel Gibbon (Guitar/Vocals) Steven Fountain (Bass). Backed by the debut EP dubbed 'We Fell From The Top Of The End Of The World', released Oct 2013, Edityourhometown are beginning to hit the scene. Their live set, filled with energy, portrays intricately weaved sections that flow from dissonant distorted guitars to clean smooth jazz accompanied by narrative lyrics that curve the imagination. Here’s what the press had to say; “Edityourhometown are a gem; melding indie, jazz and hardcore like an avant-garde sculptor.” - Anthony Giles (Brighton Noise) "It’s a combination of ambient, jazzy little guitar riffs, angry speeches, beckoning vocals, hammering chords, and slashing screams. There’s as much soft groove as there is hardcore jams, tied together with a mathematical dissonance." - Jeff Pish (math-rock.net) LINKS Aid them in their Kickstarter campaign here; https://www.kickstarter.com/…/1280…/edityourhometowns-new-ep Bag the latest single, debut E.P and offer offerings here; www.edityourhometown.bandcamp.com Access to a whole ton of studio diaries, shows and the like; www.youtube.com/edityourhometownuk Connect on Facebook; www.facebook.com/edityourhometownuk Follow on Twitter; @editourhometown Read up on the bands thoughts and musings; www.edityourhometownuk.tumblr.com/ Official site currently under construction; www.edityourhometown.com/ MERCH Coming soon! T-shirt and sticker designs up and ready! BOOKING The fastest way for bookers to get in touch is viathis email; edityourhometownuk@gmail.com Edityourhometown only expect petrol money for shows that require travelling a considerable distance, which also usually depends on the scale of the show. An example might be a pub gig in London that they're asked to headline and certainly any further North. They'd love to play anywhere, but everyone knows that it ain't cheap to get 4 burly lads halfway across the country with a shit tonne of gear. Also Edityourhometown tend to play any kind of show from indie to metal to math-rock to post rock and they've played everywhere locally from Concorde 2 to dive bars. Due to the eclectic nature of their music they can cater their sets to sit well in a lot of different line ups (and they usually pull it off!) RECOMMENDATIONS Bands- Bastard Eye Scream (RIP), Orchards, Black Peaks, Exploder Than You, Patchwork Natives (sticking to local bands). Venues- Edityourhometown love Bleach, The Hope and Ruin, Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, The Greendoor Store Promoters- Small Pond! 100% LOCATION Brighton



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