DISASTRONAUTS A whirlwind 90s-esque beast with 4 heads and 7 arms. 'Lackadaisical songwriting, immense stage presence, kickass riffs: Disastronauts are a lot of fun live (The Sphinx, Liverpool)'
GENRE Alternative Indie, Grunge, Noise, Cripple Rock BIO Starting as a badly produced, rough, 10 track demo in September 2015, Disastronauts went from strength to strength. With a few live shows, the recognition came from Yeah Buddy, GetIntoThis, and more local Liverpool heavy-weights. Tayler, (Vocals, Guitar) George, (Vocals, Guitar) Ted, (Bass) and Adam, (Drums) kept the ball rolling in early 2016, and set out to conquer Liverpool, playing Heebie Jeebies as their first ever gig, the Cavern as their 3rd ever gig, and self-running a headline show at Maguires as their 5th. Despite the demo's praise, the band have since improved upon them, breathing new life into them, making them better, noisier, and more harmonious. Their debut single was extremely well received with an 'at-capacity' 'Pre-Release' show at The Jacaranda, and the band are now contemplating world domination. Catch this band while they're still playing the small places... LINKS Like; facebook.com/disastronautsuk Listen; soundcloud.com/georgebuxeymusic MERCH Stickers and T-Shirts available at shows. Debut Single 'I'm Not Stupid' available NOW https://disastronautsuk.bandcamp.com/releases BOOKING disastronautsuk@gmail.com Disastronauts are poor students without cars but can travel to gigs with the proviso of travel money. We don't mind traveling over the North; cities like Sheffield, Blackpool, Manchester. We have contacts in Leeds and Nottingham which would make gigging in these cities easier Disastronauts would ideally like to play nights with similar music as theirs: alternative and grunge. Though have found good crowds on Indie nights before. RECOMMENDATIONS Maguires in Liverpool have the best pizza in the world and moon Bands - Swearwolves, Possum, Mad Alice, Sleep Kit Venues - Maguires, Magnet, Evil Eye! Promoters - Yeah Buddy!, Lowflying, Dead Sound Films and such: Garden State, Josie and the Pussycats. LOCATION Liverpool



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