DEAD WOLF CLUB A sonic assault of rivalling textures, reverb-drenched vocals, thumping percussion and wailing guitar. They channel the energy of a thousand angsty young adults who're looking for something they can getting excited about, scream about and rage over. It just so happens too, that YB! have worked with DWC as a band (Dirty Vagrants) and as promoters (Feb 15's 7 bander at Maguires) and they are potentially one of the world's most personable bands.
GENRE Geek Rage, Dark Punk BIO Dead Wolf Club are:- Alwin - Guitar John - Vox & Guitar Martha - Bass & Vox Matt - Drums Dead Wolf Club specialise in loudness quietness, darkness and light. These 4 sonic teenage tykes met on a plane heading for Paris and hail from Tintagel home of King Arthur and Merlin. Their songs deal with the inner struggle and turmoil of mortality and the fire we need to keep burning in order to survive, mainly through the clashing of a broken down relationship with a cherry 2000 and probing into the schizophernic mind of Philip K Dick. We have released 2 albums before, 1st one was a self titled album and 2nd was called RAR (which was an anti war / pro peace album) as well as an 2 E.P's on Big Tea Records and the single You're a hit on the Internet Dead Wolf Club’s ascent from being just another band trudging around the grimy venues of London and its environs to one brimming with potential hasn’t gone unnoticed. They’ve opened for the Wedding Present at Koko, played with Atari Teenage Riot and found support coming from XFM, Radio One, Amazing Radio and Kerrang! The written press have taken notice too, lengthy features in Artrocker and Outsider have arrived alongside effusive reviews from Glasswerk and God Is In The TV and even New Band Of The Day from The Fly, to name-drop but a few. Lazy comparisons with the grunge and shoegazing bands of the early nineties aren’t sufficient to do Dead Wolf Club justice. Whilst they draw heavily from the sonic textures these two movements laid down, they’ve created their own sound from allowing their influences to evolve. Darker themes are brought into the spotlight through intense guitars, catchy vocal hooks and frenetic drumming, but not without an assured subtlety and gentleness of touch that belies their tender years. New album Zen Tech out this Autumn. LINKS Their site; The FB; Hear the soundz; See the sightz; MERCH T shirts/Knitted hats/Egg Cosey/Pen/Tote Bags/Key Rings/Mugs/Limited colour Vinyl/Cd's BOOKING Email Jon Othello at; DWC's are looking for summer fests/events/supports, DWC's album tour will be in the Autumn. They're happy to travel and play generally, booking fees depend on length of travel etc but habing recently work with them, YB! can vouch that they are very reasonably priced for a 2 album band and are a pleasure to deal with. RECOMMENDATIONS Percys, Whitchurch Start the Bus, Bristol Ruby Lounge, Manchester Mad Hatters, Inverness Talking Heads, Southampton The Forum, Tunbridge Wells The Cookie, Leicester Bodega, Nottingham The Kings Arms, Tintagel Anywhere on the Isle of Man, Douglas is the main place to get shows there LOCATION London/Tintagel



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