Sights: Dead Houses Exclusive Stream 08/12/2016 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of Liverpools most exciting new prospects, Dead Houses launched themselves recently with their debut show supporting The Vibrators alongside Queen Zee and the Sasstones at The Magnet. With that they released the moody demo ‘New Carved Fangs’. Their dark, moody debut track and debut live show has already caused a stir in the city and Dead Houses look set to join a host of Liverpool bands looking to make a meal of 2017. They’re now ready to unveil ‘i_SCULPT_myself’, even darker, more derailed and more exciting. People take heed, those guttural ‘woos’ and ‘urghs’ from singer Joseph Wainwright are warning cries that Dead Houses are going straight for the jugular. Get your kicks around this monster track!



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