CROOKED MATH They wanna put on that single launch. They'll host that indie label showcase. They'll pull in that band on the cusp of something great. They'll commit their whole selves to it. They won't be often - but they promise they'll be special.
DESCRIPTIVE BIT Crooked Math is quality over quantity, style within substance and noise outside boundaries. Being in bands and running their own shows in the past has given them a decent view of both sides of the coin. How do you get people to gigs, when they saw four bands in The Dog & Duck last weekend? They want to give people an occasion. Something they won't forget in a hurry. Something which will keep people asking 'when's the next one?' ALLUMNI The fledgling fol are sure to build up quite the portfolio in the future. LINKS CONTACT Get em on email; or on Facebook; BAND REQUIREMENTS CM don't do metal, folk or covers. Anything else is fair game. All Crooked Math ask is professionalism and a good attitude. BOOKING TERMS Crooked Math don't have any income through promotion yet so they'll be paying the bands depending on what they get on the door first. They have the usual costs - venue fees etc. Their main priority is their punters having a good time, and the bands they put on getting a good deal and a good show. You can't say fairer than that really can you. BAND BENEFITS They'll be booking initially in the Chester area. They want the gigs to be beneficial to the local scene, so the better they're promoted (by band and promoter), the better the gig will be. Hopefully this means the shows can draw in bigger bands, which will mean some decent support slots for locals. They're also more than happy to try and help bands book gigs elsewhere in the UK and also try and provide some exposure through PR. RECOMMENDATIONS VENUES AND LOCATION



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