CREEPS So glad that we found this band as they are really starting to pop. Their sound is top quality, an ever-so-slightly strained vocal offer an edge to the combative beats and visceral riffs that they accompany. They remind me of a ton of bands that came from the U.S alt-rock scene of the late 80's early 90's, Bob Mould knows what I'm talking about
GENRE Grunge-Rock / Stoner-Rock BIO Creeps clawed their way out through the undergrowth in late 2014 and as such, are still scraping the soil from their nails. Through their brooding blend of heavy fuzz and mournful melodies, they're going to make it all better... Creeps have played a handful of well received shows in their home town of Liverpool over the last month or so and are looking to play many more in future so join them... LINKS Keep abreast of developments; Some kind words about Creeps: MERCH Become a legit member of the Creep crew with a Wolfmoon t shirt. Get yours via email at; BOOKING For booking enquiries people can request info at; As for requirements Creeps are pretty easy going, some money would be nice, or beer, or both! in terms of travel, either Liverpool or London, where the band are based. But if the gig was right then Creeps would travel elsewhere, and the kind of gigs Creeps look for would just be with similar bands so they could add to a coherent vibe of a night ! RECOMMENDATIONS Bands - Metz, Demob Happy and The Wytches Venues - the Zanzibar has always served Creeps well and been pretty cool to play at, Maguires is like due to its no frills approach, then playing at the O2 was great, as was the Pilgrim. Creeps say they would never play at the Newz bar again, cripes, that was a dreadful experience. To be fair, it was pretty weird for everyone involved. Promoters - Creeps always got good gigs with Lazy Genius, Greedy Jesus and the Lomax crew, friendly, professional and fun to be around. LOCATION London / Liverpool



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