CREATURE OF HABIT Creature of Habit write the kind of music that suggests they have an exhaustive library of alt-rock influences at hand. CoH seemed to have a definitive focus on the noise that they want to make and it sounds grand. A finely woven mesh of driven rhythms, intelligent guitar work and melodic vocals.
GENRE Alternative Rock BIO Creature of Habit are an alt-rock trio from Chester. Joe (Guitar and Vocals) Craig (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Danny (Drums and backing Vocals). Drawing from a range of influences to create something interesting, the tracks are as loud as they are soft and Epic choruses are coupled with subtlety and moments of full on, hit you in the face rock! LINKS Sounds Social @cohmusic MERCH None as of yet! BOOKING CoH can do a 30-45 minute original set. They don’t ask for a particular fee but are happy to have their petrol covered if they are travelling far. They suit most alt-rock line ups. CoH are based in Chester but have a van and an excellent standard of gear which we’re more than happy to provide for others if needed. RECOMMENDATIONS Joe from CoH told us: ‘We have been going for a year and have played various venues in the time. We’ve played for the Doldrum Escape Project in Dolgellau who put on a fantastic night (we played with Secateurs). We’ve also played the Live Rooms in Chester for Dan Read, supporting Grumble Bee with Lilium. We’ve done a couple of Manchester shows for Matthew Hibbert(Papillon Promotions) amongst some others, including Still Frame Media(Paul Coulton).’ LOCATION Chester



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