CRAIG ELLIOT Like a surrealist, acid induced ramble through the mind of a madcap, bard at a carnival in space, inside a 16-bit computer game. Open your heart and mind to the quite wonderful experience that awaits upon delving into the works of Craig Elliott (yes all this awesomeness is made by one man).
GENRE Lo-Fi, Fuzzy-Rock, Alt-Rock powered by paranoia and hyperactivity BIO Lo-Fi, Fuzzy, Alt/Noise-Rock overjoyed with hyperactivity and paranoia, Craig Elliott is a solo musician hailing from Wellington, New Zealand. With formative years spent in a Wellington-based Alt-Punk band, Craig released his first full-length solo album Fire For The Red Corner in 2012, described thusly: "Hedonistic aggression in a lo-fi haze that revels in the gaps in between as much as the bursts of distortion...this one is a ticking bomb of a surprise package, and it is bloody great." Since relocating to the Northern Hemipshere Craig has been gigging avidly, including an addition to Nozstock festival (UK) in 2014. In March 2014 Craig released the Au Revoir Psycho EP (frenzied, loud, invigorating, like getting punched in the face with a waterfall (literally); a soundtrack to running around the lounge, dizzy from too much sugar, and then falling asleep on the carpet with a stomach ache), and now, just under a year later is following it up with the Evil Billet-Doux EP (envisioned, conceptually, as "more of the same but a bit longer"). LINKS Bandcamp; Facebook; Twitter; @craigelliott0 MERCH Currently a work in progress, none at present. BOOKING Contact; Craig says he would probably work out guarantees on a show by show basis, depending on distance and would be willing to travel pretty much anywhere for a decent gig. RECOMMENDATIONS Punching Swans and Black Light Brigade I've done stuff with a couple of times and are really awesome. Plus they're a really nice bunch. LOCATION Wellington, New Zealand. Based in England.



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