Codices – 'Illuminations EP' REVIEW 27/05/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are we talking about? The debut EP from London-based post/math-rock quadrant Codices. What hooked me? Listening to this EP makes me imagine some kinda of musical, synchronised acrobatics. Truly impressive crocheting of sticks and strings. The immediacy of each track is also very striking as the band do not waste any time in displaying their skills. This method works a charm on their debut EP as it takes no time for the listener to workout what Codices are all about. Summary The Post Rock and Math Rock genres are funny old things, the vast majority of the bands who play this style are proud, technically gifted perfectionists. The music they play is so well crafted and lovingly made that it is hard not to appreciate even if it is not your cup of tea. However, to the untrained ear, with its complex structures and time signatures and a lack of bubbly vocal hooks, it could be difficult to differentiate one track from the next. Like so many skilled bands of this ilk before them, Codices have many tools in their arsenal to help set them aside from the rest of the products in this department. A spoken word piece steals the show in ‘Illuminate’, making it, for me, the most memorable track. ‘New Devices’ is Codices at their most conventional, but even in that the track invites you back for multiple repeated listens with its fine layering alluring (and somewhat unexpected) vocals. This is the repeater of the set. The fluctuating sounds from heavy to mellow really impressed me too. It is clear that the band have trained hard on their dynamics, nothing seems out of place or forced, ‘Amakudari’ is the finest example of this that the band offer. The tracks swells with noise at several points only to plummet into a gentle tide, it ascends into a radiant crescendo as Codices bid you adieu for now. Artwork Created by the insanely talented Dean Caffrey who drums for Kusanagi and spins boss tunes at all the top spots across Liverpool. It is a really cool image of a ‘humans eye view’ (!?) of a skyline, looking up at the city scape that seems like a set of jaws ready to chew up the viewer. Codices very eye catching constellations logo is in the center. All in all a really professional looking accompaniment to a very impressive debut. Feedback I absolutely loved the huge riffs and was hooked by the spoken word piece in ‘Illuminate’, Let’s have more of that on the next release please. Line From The Band "The EP is a result of a long process of getting to know each other as a band and learning how to write music together. We try and bring together a wide range of influences into a cohesive sound whilst trying to make something new, interesting and engaging". Vital Info Codices have an album launch party at The Good Ship in London on June 10th. Support comes from You Break, You Buy, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster and more. Codices will be in Nottingham this Friday supporting Chiyoda Ku and Kusanagi. More dates in Summer and Autumn will be announced soon ---------------------------------------------------------------
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