CLEFT This is music that tells you so much without using any words. No vocals, no lyrics but like so many bands have done expertly in the past, this music invokes the same emotions and tells the same stories that even the most articulate wordsmith could pen. One of the best traits of Clefts music is that it's so bloody fun. Their M.O seems to be 'have a damn good laugh'. They're a really solid cornerstone of the Math/Post/Prog/Exp rock scene, you will always see their names mentioned by promoters, bands, venues, blogs etc when asked who to checkout on this scene.
GENRE Turbo Prog BIO Cleft are two blokes who really should know better by now. Describing themselves as playing “turbo-prog” for a laugh when they first formed in late 2011, the odd genre title now seems to have stuck. After releasing two EPs called “Utter” and “Whale Bone” in 2012, they loaded their gear into the back of a petulant automobile and toured around the UK, surviving on service station coffee and houmous alone. When this ran out, they started working furiously on their debut full length release, which they describe as “slightly better than a kick in the face” was released on the 10th February 2014. Due to a lack of attention span from too much sugar, Cleft released a 6-track live EP in July 2014 and a further double A side in August 2014 - all the profits from this release are donated to charity. Since the start Cleft have been condensing 14 minute prog songs into 3 minutes and having a lot of fun doing it. They've also been featured on BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio in the UK, WRIR Radio and college radio in the USA, various podcasts across the internet and a bunch of compilations. LINKS The best damn music site around, Bandcamp offers you the chance to grab Cleft’s 'Utter and 'Whale Bone' E.P’s, a live E.P, Double A Side and most importantly their debut L.P Bosh. It pretty much has everything you need to know about the band on it If you still wanna know more though, Facebook; Twitter; @CleftBand MERCH Heeeeeere ya go, the T-shirts are brilliant; BOOKING Contact: Suitable lineups for Cleft is anything - Cleft love to be the weird awkward uncle on the bill! Fee is £100-170 depending on distance and the gig, including travel. RECOMMENDATIONS Promoters: Chaos Theory (London), GoodSoul Promotions (London), Bad Owl Presents (Leeds), Taribo West (Glasgow), Destroy All Monsters (Leeds), Cut Loose (Glasgow), ButtonPusher (Nottingham), Stag & Hounds (Bristol), SmallPond (Brighton). Venues: So many good venues it's hard to list, but some Cleft favourites are: Stag & Hounds, Sebright Arms, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar and Band on the Wall. Bands check out Poly-Math, Black Peaks, Alpha Male Tea Party, The Brackish, Chiyoda Ku, Under, Body Hound and anyone that they all recommend. LOCATION Manchester



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