CITIZENS I have been to Citizens’ home of Leuven several times and it is certainly not a place of peace and serenity, more a place of drinking dangerously strong beers and throwing bikes in a river. So it shocks me that Citizens’ whole schtick is so laid back and chilled. I suppose it offers the perfect paradox to the beer learyness rife in the city and I for one welcome their sound with open ears. GENRE Alternative Rock BIO Citizens is a Belgian band from the small town of Leuven, consisting of four friends Jingwei (vocals/guitar), Xavier (guitar), Jasper (bass) and Michiel (drums). Although the band had been a 3-piece since the formation of the band in 2012, Xavier joined the band in the summer of 2013, adding that extra sparkle to the band's sound which they had long been looking for. Their music has a laid-back, nostalgic vibe to it, which isn't difficult to relate to for anyone, really. In a way, every song comes down to the same central idea that could be seen as the band's main philosophy: No unnecessary complex sounds or structures, just easy-listening, soothing music in which the song's vibe and emotions remain the most important elements. If you think this is all a load of bullshit, you're probably right. Since they aren't writers, but musicians (or at least they'd like to think they are), we suggest we let the music have the final word. Have a listen through one of the next links and find them on Facebook, let them know what you think! Citizens would love to get some feedback from all around the world! The songs on Soundcloud are up for free download, so spread the word and music! Enjoy!
LINKS A bunch of new tracks can be heard at the following links; free downloads, plus loads more at this links; Their very own site; And the FB page; MERCH Citizens don't have a budget for merchandise at the moment, since they're all just students. They are hoping to change this in the future. Right now they are all about spreading the music, so every song is up for free download on their Soundcloud. Well what lovely, generous chaps ey!? BOOKING Citizens usually do small venues and bigger when they get the chance. They ask about 150-200 euros because they prefer playing over making money when playing their music. Doing a gig abroad remains one of Citiznes' dreams! RECOMMENDATIONS Bands: Tin Man Tourettes, who are friends LOCATION Leuven, Belgium



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