CHIYODA KU A band bursting with smarts from top to bottom. They're the mood-changing, pace-setting, riff mongering, technical whippersnappers of their scene. If they keep along the upward curve they are on then they will be a pretty big deal with many leather albums and a tour bus that smells of rich mahogany in the not so distant future. GENRE Instrumental
BIO Chiyoda Ku are a 3 piece Instrumental/shrimp rock band from Bristol. In 2015 they released their acclaimed 'Not Listening' E.P, followed by numerous tours of the UK and Europe. "They are youngsters, but we think they got that unquantifiable element that makes bands special." -Small Pond Recordings "Chiyoda-Ku took everybody by surprise, their unique brand of controlled pandemonium left a mark that will not be easily forgotten." -Bristol Live Magazine LINKS Bandcamp (Our Favorite); Videos Facey Tweets @chiyodakuband MERCH T-Shirts and E.P's can be purchased here; BOOKING To Book Chiyoda Ku, send them an email to RECOMMENDATIONS Chiyoda Ku would heartily recommend checking out the fallowing bands: Memory Of Elephants, Alright The Captain, Lambhorn, Leg, Hoggs Bison, Steve Strong, Sea Monkey See, Delta Sleep, Quadrilles, Kusanagi, Bear Makes Ninja, Aulos, A Werewolf!, Dialects, No Teef, Alpha Male Tea Party, Cleft, Cheap Jazz, Hollowtown, Shtfstr, Blind Wives, Mothers (or Mums).... And anyone else we've forgotten! Venues/Promoters: Marty Toner- without a doubt the single greatest man in this scene of music. Patrick Daily/Stag and Hounds- this man is brilliant, he even told us he liked us once (he was really drunk) Ceridwen Roberts/Probo Titans- Ceri is the best promoter we've ever worked with, she always gets everything done and doesn't take any shit. Yellerbelly- these guys have helped us out loads, they put on some awesome shows! Yeah Buddy- .... we had to include you really didn't we ;) LOCATION Bristol



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